Cortex Pro How With Palo Alto Networks

Date & Time
Thursday, January 27th, 2022

Cortex Pro How With Palo Alto Networks

As a security analyst, threat hunting is a big part of your daily routine. You need an edge to find the most sophisticated threats, understand how they got through, hunt them across your organization and drive the quickest response possible.

Are you sure you’re doing everything you can?

Find out from the comfort of your desk by taking part in our special investigation and threat hunting workshop to boost your skills and get hands-on experience with Cortex XDR™.

Join this virtual workshop and learn how you can:
- Create custom rules to alert you to suspicious behavior
- Accelerate threat hunting with enriched data in context
- Quickly investigate endpoint alerts’ root causes and attack chains
- Apply machine learning and behavioral analytics to find the most elusive threats

This session is ideal for security analysts of all levels, including security operations staff, incident responders and threat hunters..