Cloud Software as a Service & Platform as a Service

Governments are facing serious challenges that directly affect their capabilities to deliver core services to the citizens and are continuously searching to adopt new customs and technologies that enable them to address these challenges.

Cloud platforms help reduce cost and transform the business processes, improving the flexibility and security at a large scale. With the implementation of government cloud, there is more collaboration and transparency in information sharing and data analytics capabilities between the various departments within the government sector. The innovative “as a service” solutions offered in government cloud computing is leading to a more connected government.

When considering cloud services for your application or infrastructure deployment, it is important to understand what the best approach is for moving to the cloud. Taborda Solutions’ experienced team has the knowledge and expertise required to architect, manage and deliver a cloud solution that fits each organization’s unique needs.

Our areas of expertise include:
Collaboration and Social

In our increasingly mobile-first world, it is essential to enable teams to collaborate remotely without a loss of productivity. We have a wealth of experience in delivering end-to-end collaboration solutions for organizations of varied size and complexity.

Application Development

Our low-code development team can turn concepts into reality in record time. Contact us today to hear how we can partner with you to solve challenges unique to your organization.

Business Intelligence

Don’t be data-rich and insights, poor! Contact our team today to learn how to leverage your data to make business insights and analysis to give you an extra leg up.

Migration & Digital Transformation

Every journey has a beginning, and most cloud journeys start here. Let us help you demystify the Cloud, create a road map, migrate, and then optimize! Reach out to our team of experts today to see how we can assist with your digital transformation!

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Leverage the Cloud to raise your BCDR strategy to new heights! Options ranging from Backup-as-a-service to Disaster Recovery-as-a-service. The proliferation of cloud offerings and datacenters worldwide has dramatically lowered the overall cost of running world-class multi-region disaster-proof applications. Talk to us today about your BCDR goals and see why Cloud can help you save money and build resiliency.

Managed Services and Support

We understand that the Cloud is a powerful tool with tons of potential, but it can be daunting to manage and secure cloud resources. Contact us to understand how our multiple tiers of managed services can help your team focus on the stuff that matters while we handle the rest!